The best part is that the guy just squats in utter resignation.

you can tell he’s just like

“i am 800% done with Target”

This gif wins the internet. I am DONE.

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How my by Shawn feels every day we at work

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TJ’s ****Freaky Friday****


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soduh from miami!

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i wanna horse :/ i will in the next 5 years -.-

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Monday Mixtape.


The Alchemist ft. Schoolboy Q & Danny Brown - Flight Confirmation

Oddisee - Ready To Rock

Ro Ransom ft. Casey Veggies - Leap Of Faith

Vince Staples ft. Jay Curry - Miami Vice

Speak! & SpaceGhostPurrp - Like That

Curren$y ft Wiz Khalifa - No Squares

Flying Lotus - Litermeter

J Dilla - Reckless Driving

Guilty Simpson - Man’s World

AZ - Rather Unique

Lord Finesse - Actual Facts

MF Doom meets Clutchy Hopkins - Melody

Madlib - Recife

SpaceGhostPurrp - Mystical Moments

Mixtape: MAXINE from Lofty305 

Don’t know what this is but its from lofty and i’m downloading it lol